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The Song

There is a song in Take Me With You When You Go.

Sheet music appears at the front of book, and at the back of the play script and readers’ theatre script (both scripts available on request).

To download any of the following, right-click on the file and choose “Save As.”

Here’s the tune from the book, performed with alto recorder, harmonica, accordion, and voice. A different melody was created for soprano recorder by the students at Novato Charter School. It’s here on an alto recorder.*

Here are a piano arrangement and sheet music (with chords) by Gilbert DeBenedetti:

Melody and lyrics copyright “Take Me With You”. (c) All rights reserved by Alan Venable, 2007.

*Recorded at Mo’s Melody Mansion. Thanks, Tom Meshishnek and ARG for cheese. Thanks, Gail, for guest appearances on recorder. Thanks, Mo.