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PostMsPeanutRumors are flying about Dr. Peanut. Some are saying he is secretly married. Could it be true?

Here’s how the grapevine got going on this one. Recently, we were contacted by a gentle, beautiful, and creative talking peanut in Alabama called, well, “Ms. Peanut”! She was looking for a partner as nutty as she was. Of course, the doctor called her on his p-Phone and they had some wonderful chats.

Unfortunately, they live a little too far apart to date, and, anyway, Dr. Peanut is like most other grown-up talking peanuts. They don’t usually get married (since baby peanuts come from peanut farms), though they all love kids and like to have friends. But also, Dr. Peanut is still not quite sure if Ms. Peanut is really a peanut!

But he agreed that Ms. Peanut is delightful and he hopes to look her up the next time he passes through Birmingham. If you are a giant, maybe you can reach her through a delightful giantess in Birmingham whose name is Felicia Jackson (at least that’s her giant name).